середа, 29 квітня 2015 р.

Final blog

The end of trimester is coming and you know, I am a bit disappointed. There were some subjects, which were awful, but also few that I like. The Vocabulary of modern English was one them.  It is very strange filling, the same as when you were child and someone took your toy.  You know that there will be other toys but I already take to it.
            Dear first year students, I am writing this blog directly to you. There are two main topics, which are brief summary and some pieces of advice.  I honestly think that it is one of the most important courses for your future profession. Bear in mind that reach vocabulary is your way to success in the sphere of foreign languages. This course will help you to become familiar with such topics as feelings, body language, business, proverbs, education, news, travelling, history, wars, environment, health, food, appearance and characters. It’s just question of practice. Do not repeat my mistakes!!! Practice makes perfect, 30 minutes per day and you will complete your course with flying colors.

              However, it is a rough idea. You are not supposed to be a bookworm. Student’s life is not only about getting and doing your homework. It is my firm conviction that these four years shape you for the rest of your lives. I take the view that the more problems you have the more experienced you will. That is why I combine my studying with sport and work in the student brotherhood. However, despite all benefits such way of life has some drawbacks. These activities takes a lot of time. It is not as easy as ABC, sometimes you need to burn the midnight oil in order to sit your exams, sometimes you need to play hooky to make the grade, even to be a copycat, which is dishonorably for all students. Nevertheless, from the other side, I am the second year student and in the same time, I am the Khmelnitsky region champion in bench-pressing among juniors and the head of security department of the Student’s Brotherhood.
         You create your own life. If you will be determined enough, ambitious enough you will be able to achieve all your goals. The only right way to build a good base for it – is proper education. Therefore, I hope my pieces of advice will be useful for you. Good luck!

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